The Good

Francis Black
This young man purchased a copy of the Necronomicon at a second-hand book store, hoping that it would serve for some nice light reading.
What possessed him to do such a thing is unknown, but we suspect that it was likely Nyarlathotep, with a touch of Yog-Sothoth on the side.
Francis is currently running a occult help line out of his house.
Freddie is an up and coming Star-Spawn of Cthulhu who finds humans to be quite intruiging and has adopted many of their customs.
Known to traditionals as Phragdrk, prefers the anglocized version of his name.
Walter is Freddie's brother, and they work together, in spite of their differences.
Unlike Freddie, Walter prefers to be known by his traditional name of Wlat'anrk and hasn't mastered the human mindset as his brother has.

The... Misguided

Greg is the leader of the Cult of the Chibi Cthulhu. Cursed with unnatural cuteness, Greg was drawn to the occult by the hopes of inspiring awe and terror in those who mocked him, or at least picking up a few macho scars. So far he's failed miserably.
Greg often gets carried away with fits of megalomania. We can only imagine what he'd be like if he had any real power.
Greg also answers to Misty, and is currently filling in for Nyarlathotep. Ironically, he still doesn't have any real power.

If humans started breeding towards the ideal Cthulhu cultist, they almost got it with Joe. Devoted to his craft, Joe subscribes to all the magazines, buys the books and even made his own set of tentacles. In spite of this, Joe has yet to successfully cast a spell. The results of the failed spells, on the other hand, are quite spectacular.
Years of practice and bumbling have left Joe with an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Eldritch, as well as their common cures.
Of the three cultists, Bob is the most grounded in 'reality'. In spite of having seen sights that would drive men mad, Bob doesn't quite believe in what he's doing.
Bob joined The Cult of the Chibi Cthulhu out of concern for his friend Joe, and stayed for lack of anything better to do on Saturday nights.
Eve is the crazy chick with a dark past, an obsession with purging the world of evil, and horrible luck. She is usually seen plotting against our heroes, and seems to have some sort of dark history in Innsmouth.
Nyarlathotep, the Black Man, the Crawling Chaos, the Dark Pharaoh, and Too Cool for This Comic, does not suffer idiots gladly. He recently quit his job as messenger of the Outer Gods in a fit of disgust, passing it on to the nearest idiot in the process. It is unfortunate for the world in general that the nearest idiot happened to be Greg.
Occultech is currently trying to persuade Nyarlathotep to return to his job.
Barney is Freddie and Walter's shady cousin, who has decided to take on the stereotypical Canadian as his role model. An avid fan of the Maple Leafs, he occasionally works for Nyarlathotep in exchange for Molson's beer and yet another chance for the Leafs to win the Stanley Cup. He once pawned off the Necronomicon for some quick cash.