The Call of Whatever is a joint project of the brother and sister team of Mark and Elizabeth Sherry. Mark, who's in his last year of highschool, does the writing while Elizabeth, his 16 year old sister, employs her artistic talents to bring his imaginings to paper and ink, and later to the computer screen.
The Call of Whatever, in its original incarnation, was a short story. Earlier that day, Mark had read the Official Cthulhu Mythos FAQ (see the FAQ page), and the section on "How to Write Lovecraftian Fiction", Mark decided to write the absolutely worst, most cliché story that he could. Sketching it out, he and Elizabeth found it difficult to keep serious and cliché, when it's so much more entertaining to parody the clichés. Instead of having a young man read the Necronomicon, go insane and get eaten by something horrible, have him remain perfectly sane, and have his neighbour get eaten. Have one of the monsters be a human sympathiser.
After a night of feverish writing, he had the first draft of "Call of the K-tu K-thuhu K-tulhu Ch-uthutu Whatever! This was the story that would eventually evolve to the first story arc of TCoW.
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